There is no definitive start point or history to Warm Bamboo Massage but it is thought that a resourceful therapist first introduced it. However, bamboo itself has a long history of use in objects as diverse as paper, buildings, beds, baskets, tools, food and musical instruments. In addition to practical uses, it has also long been known for its healing and medicinal properties.

What to expect during the massage

A deeply relaxing and nourishing massage therapy, the treatment consists of warm bamboo canes of varying sizes being used to roll and knead the tissue to help alleviate muscle tension and general aches and pains. 

Natural oils or balms will be applied to aid the movement of the canes. The bamboo canes are pre-heated and then used one at a time to roll, stretch and lengthen the muscles. Movements may also include tapping or light pounding, sweeping, kneading, rolling, pivoting, vibrations, cross fibre, circles, rowing and deeper pressure.  

This is a full body treatment, including the feet, legs, arms and neck/shoulders. A pair of disposable pants will be provided to avoid oils getting onto undergarments. As with all massage appointments, please don’t wear your most precious items of clothing to your treatment, the oils are left on your skin to soak in and nourish you. Ideally you will simply go home and relax after your treatment to further aid the healing process. 

Therapeutic effects

The therapeutic effects of warm bamboo massage can last long after the treatment is over. Some of the benefits are immediate whilst some take a few sessions to build up. Here are some of the benefits of bamboo massage: 

*like hot stones, the warmth aids relaxation and this can also help the therapeutic benefits reach deeper into the tissues.

*clients find sleeping more restful, particularly if you have had difficulties with sleep lately. 

* In common with all massage, it stimulates lymphatic flow which in turn helps eliminate toxin build up from the body.

*stress relief is found from the release of endorphins. 

*pressure is easily adjusted from a soothing light pressure to a thorough deep manipulation of the muscle tissues. 

*a big difference from manual hand massage is the long sweeping smooth movement, which really is a deeply relaxing sensation. 

*the kneading and sweeping can help remove spasms and long term tension. 


Practitioners: Nikkie Clay