Wendy qualified in 2002 with a BSc(Hons) in Phytotherapy. Since then she has practiced in Fife, Angus and the Lothians. She is a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists.

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Wendy Kelly MNIMH

About Wendy

I began my interest in herbal medicine in my early twenties when a persistent health problem just wasn't going away with conventional medicine. I walked into Napiers Herbal Dispensary in Edinburgh to ask for help and was given a bottle of blended herbs to take - I never looked back!

I was so impressed with the power of this herbal remedy, that I decided to find out more and soon began my training as part of the Napiers Dispensary team and studying at the Sussex College of Phytotherapy. Over 5 years I studied hard and worked as a dispensary assistant, deputy manager and finally shop manager in Napiers until I qualified in 2002 with a BSc(Hons) in Phytotherapy. Since then I have practiced in Fife, Angus and the Lothians.

I am a fully qualified member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH). This indicates that I am fully trained and work within the ethical guidelines set out by NIMH. We study the philosophy, principles and practice of herbal medicine and medical science and take a holistic view of health and illness.

As well as seeing patients in clinic for one to one consultations, I love to spread the herbal joy by running herb walks and workshops as well as doing regular talks on all aspects of herbal medicine. I am a mum of two boys, and am an enthusiastic member of my local choir, enjoying the social aspect as much as the singing. My love of crochet has extended to me teaching beginner crochet lessons online and I really love to bake!

My herbal approach

I see the relationship between herbalist and patient as a partnership. Together we will look at whatever brought you to me in the first place, working out where well-being and health has gone wrong and how it can be improved. I take into account lifestyle, medical history, diet and anything else that could help with bringing things into balance.

Quite often, I find that my patients know themselves what needs done, but just need a bit of herbal support and a nudge in the right direction. I am there to provide the herbal knowhow and to champion you and give some accountability to encourage positive change in your life. Nothing is more satisfying than getting a patient better as a result of the team work between the herbs, the herbalist and the patient.

Who can take herbal medicine?

In short, anybody! People of all ages and from all walks of life can benefit from herbal medicine. I see babies, teenagers, octogenarians and everyone in between! People consult herbalists with the same health concerns they would present to their GP. Everything from skin trouble, hormone imbalances, digestive complaints, anxiety and sleep problems, to joint issues, chronic illnesses and respiratory conditions, to name but a few.

One of the most common reasons for female patients to seek my help is for menstrual and menopausal symptoms and I love helping women find a natural way to transition through hormonal upheaval and find balance.

What form will my herbal medicine take?

Your herbal medicine will be individually formulated to match your unique requirements. This will normally mean taking a liquid medicine blended from herbal tinctures but you could also be given additional herbal cream or lotion, herbal teas or nutritional supplements if these are appropriate for your treatment.

How long will my treatment last?

The course of treatment will vary depending on the individual but follow up appointments are usually made for between 2-4 weeks after the initial consultation and then may be repeated over a monthly to three monthly basis. This allows for adjustments to be made to the prescription and continual assessment of your progress. The longer you have been ill, the longer it will take to regain balance, however most people feel some benefits fairly quickly. "I feel better within myself" is a common remark. 

If you would like to book an appointment with Wendy please contact Clinic Reception on 0131 225 5542, or at bpreception@deeatkinson.net

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