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We offer a wide range of complementary therapies. All our therapists are members of professional bodies, are fully trained and insured and have, in many cases, years of experience. We accept referrals from other health care professionals and from the NHS and will work with you and your health care team. If you suffer from a lingering health problem or simply want to maintain and monitor your health, we can help.

Joseph Nolan is an experienced Medical Herbalist and runs our popular Parent and Child Clinic and Men's Health Clinic.

Joseph offers...

Herbal Medicine

Joseph Nolan

Joseph Nolan left his native New York City to study at the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine where he earned his BSc Honours Degree in Herbal Medicine in 2010. As well as his general practice, Joseph runs our popular Parent and Child Clinic, alongside fellow herbalist Clare McQuade as well as our Men's Health Clinic. Patients of all ages and genders can make appointments with him on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Herbal medicine is a holistic discipline and botanical treatment requires consideration of the many influences on wellness and illness. Plant medicines, with their subtle varied chemistries, can be helpful when addressing the dynamic and complex problems that can beset our health.

With every patient, Joseph looks at present symptoms and conditions, past medical history, mental and emotional state, family medical history, diet, environmental and lifestyle factors, and often carries out pertinent examinations such as taking blood pressure. Afterwards, he will prescribe herbs in tea, tincture, or another form, and may suggest supplements, exercises, and dietary or lifestyle alterations, aimed at supporting the improvement of your condition.

Herbal Medicine Parent and Child Clinic

This clinic is for children, babies and expectant mothers. Joseph commonly sees conditions such as eczema, constipation and digestive issues, coughs and colds, and molluscum. As a parent himself, Joseph understands the desire to look for gentle, natural treatments to help babies and children return to optimum health. Joseph also sees expectant mothers in this clinic, supporting health during pregnancy and helping those looking to put together a herbal birthing plan.

During the initial appointment Joseph will ask questions about a child's general health and the mother's health during pregnancy and nursing, as well as about diet and lifestyle. He will then form an individualised plan for your child. Joseph uses gentle herbs with children and babies to support the child's journey back to health. If a baby is being breastfed, herbs may be given to the mother to take; herbs may also be given in the form of tincture drops or teas, herbal creams and oils to be applied to the skin. Sometimes vitamin, mineral, or other nutritional supplements may be advised.

Herbs For Male Health

As our male herbalist, Joseph naturally sees many men in his clinic, and offers herbal support for the male body from babyhood through old age. Patients typically come with teenage skin complaints, prostate problems, fatigue, stress, digestive issues, high blood pressure, and mental health concerns like depression, anxiety, and addiction.

Outside his clinic, Joseph leads herb walks, talks, and workshops on home herbalism, medicine making, foraging and food as medicine, both for organisations and the general public.

Joseph also regularly contributes to our Health Blog on a huge range of subjects including (but not limited to) foraging, childhood health concerns, herbal wine and beer making and herbs for blood pressure.

Herbal Medicine Clinic - An initial appointment will last up to 45 minutes at a cost of £45. Repeat appointments (30 minutes) are £35

Parent and Child Clinic - Both initial and repeat appointments last for 30 minutes at a cost of £30 for an initial appointment and £20 for repeat appointments.

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