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We offer a wide range of complementary therapies. All our therapists are members of professional bodies, are fully trained and insured and have, in many cases, years of experience. We accept referrals from other health care professionals and from the NHS and will work with you and your health care team. If you suffer from a lingering health problem or simply want to maintain and monitor your health, we can help.

Jill is a fully qualified Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist offering Outcome Based Treatments.

The aim of which is to reduce the patient's pain and increase their range of movement.

Jill offers...

Therapeutic Massage
Sports and Remedial Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Swedish Massage
Craniosacral Therapy

Jill McLaggan

Jill is a fully qualified and insured Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist offering Outcome Based Treatments, the aim of which is to reduce the patient's pain and increase their range of movement, thereby improving their quality of life.

Jill is an expert in working with chronic (i.e.long-term) pain, with an excellent understanding of the different stages of pain and a sound knowledge of a great many common pathologies. Techniques that may be used include: soft tissue and myofascial release; deep tissue massage; stretching; craniosacral therapy; and Trigger Point work.

If relaxation is more your priority, just request a Relaxation Treatment when booking. Every treatment is unique, as is every patient, and the best therapy for you will be discussed during the consultation. One massage does not fit all.

Jill has spent all of her working life in the health, fitness and well-being industries, apart from two years as a manager for Marks & Spencer. Combining her management skills with the support of the Prince's Youth Business Trust, she has developed a career that she is passionate about - initially as a dancer & fitness instructor, then personal training and studio management.

Jill has been working as a full-time massage therapist for more than 12 years now and specialises in reducing patients' pain. She is a member of the FHT and the CNHC. A full list of Jill's qualifications can be found on her page on LinkedIn



What Jill's Clients say:


"Jill is fantastic! She is intuitive and obviously very skilled and knowledgeable. I’m so grateful I was able to see her."

"After spending 3 weeks in absolute agony and unable to sit down I went to see Jill. My saviour! It was such a relief to be in the hands of someone who not only knew exactly what was going on but also knew how to make it better. I got off the table an hour later feeling brand new! One more treatment a week later and I am completely better!! I just cannot thank Jill enough as the pain I was in was just awful. All future twinges straight to Jill!"

"Jill treated me once a week for the 3 weeks of Edinburgh Fringe with great results! Increased circulation in my legs leading to more strength and endurance, relief of pain in my hips and realigned my posture. A gentle healer with great compassion."

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