Sleep problems and insomnia can be as a result of other health issues or they can be the underlying health problem that can trigger other health problems.

We all at some point in our lives experience periods of sleep deprivation, the causes can be many. Young babies, stressful life situations, illness that causes pain or discomfort making sleep difficult or simply unexplained sleeping problems.

Sleep disturbances can cause you to

  • feel tired all of the time
  • have difficulty concentrating
  • Start to feel depressed
  • Find it difficult to concentrate
  • Make other health problems more difficult to manage
  • Make you short tempered
  • Make you more likely to fall asleep during the day

Lack of sleep can mean that you are more likely to have high blood pressure, be overweight have diabetes and even make recovery from other health problems more difficult.

Our therapists can give you support and guidance on how to manage your sleep problems. Herbal Practitioners will use herbs and lifestyle advice to help you reestablish a sleep pattern.

Often regular body work therapies such as Aromatherapy and Massage can help one to manage stress and release tension.

Some patients benefit from Counselling to and Hypnotherapy to help overcome sleeping issues.

Functional Testing can also help you to identify the causes of sleep problems.

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