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The Alternative to Aesthetic Medicine

HCE Machine

We can't fight the passing of time but we can reduce the effects of time on the skin.

No matter our age, we are all concerned about our skin's beauty and youthful appearance. But there's no getting away from the fact that skin ageing is governed by our body's biological clock as well as being accelerated by external factors. So, what can we do?

Today, there are two solutions:

Anti-Ageing Aesthetic Medicine such as Botox, dermal fillers, skin peels and dermabrasion. These are expensive and painful with results that are immediately obvious but only short term.

Anti-Ageing skincare products which come with highly promising claims in most cases and are often expensive but easy to use, with results visible only after several weeks.

Now, Guinot has created a genuine alternative to Aesthetic Medicine, a revolutionary device that offers innovative treatment methods which deliver spectacular results in rejuvenating the appearance.

The NEW Hydraderm Cellular Energy (HCE) machine is:


Gives immediate results

The machine has 3 unique functions that you won't find anywhere else. These functions increase biological activity, increase cellular activity and stimulate the facial muscles.

Choose from 2 exclusive, complementary rejuvenating treatments:

Hydradermie Youth Treatment

Starting at birth, the skin's cellular activity diminishes over time with our cells losing energy and multiplying at a slower rate. Thus, the synthesis of elastic fibres slows down and the first signs of ageing appear. The Hydradermie Youth Treatment visibly rejuvenates the skin whilst targeting specific beauty goals by using dynamic ionisation to increase biological energy and higher temperatures to increase cellular activity.

A truly customised treatment with scientifically proven effectiveness, Hydradermie Youth Treatment offers 8 options, based on the client's needs: Moisturisation, Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Ageing, Sun Preparation/Repair, Soothing, Nourishing, Purifying and Lightening.

This is a patented treatment method that beautifully enhances and spectacularly rejuvenates the skin.

Hydradermie Lift Treatment

With age, we tend to use our muscles less frequently, causing the skin to lose its tone and contours to slacken. To maintain a youthful body we need physical exercise, however, to maintain a youthful face, the muscles must be stimulated to revive their activity and lift facial features.

This treatment decongests the lymph system to refine facial features as well as stimulating muscle activity to boost muscle tone, thus visibly rejuvenating and lifting. Think of it as "body building for the face".

We still also have treatments available with the original Hydradermie (HY2) machine.

Hydradermie is an exclusive GUINOT treatment. In little more than one relaxing hour, your skin looks brand new. With a monthly maintenance treatment, your skin will become clearer, healthier and radiantly beautiful all year round.


The Hydradermie Lift creates a natural temporary facelift effect by lifting features through facial muscle stimulation. After the first treatment, you will see the visible results of lifted facial features. The skin has regained its tone and surface wrinkles have faded. This method is like "body building" for the face. Biopeptides, in the Serum Gel Anti-Rides, recreate the skin's elasticity and, combined with the stimulating effect of special currents, allow for facial muscle stimulation. In-depth biological cleansing allows the skin to breathe and be more receptive to the products used in the treatment.

The Liftosome Treatment firms the skin and tightens the features in order to rejuvenate the appearance of the face. A unique treatment method combining firming, regenerating active ingredients with Masque Thermolift, which diffuses heat to improve penetration and cell activity. The Pro-Collagen concentrate diffuses deep down thanks to the gentle heat of Thermolift Mask. Pro-Collagen restores the skin's elasticity and firmness. As soon as the treatment is over, you will visibly see a younger looking complexion and facial features that are lifted and firmer.

THE AGE SUMMUM TREATMENT is the ultimate anti-aging facial that targets all signs of ageing. Using Pure Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Pro-Collagen, it regenerates, firms and restores radiance.

The 4 Phase treatment includes:

Dermabrasion Exfoliating Cream to resurface the skin by eliminating dead skin cells.

Regenerating Anti-Ageing Serum with pure Vitamin C to stimulate cellular regeneration.

Exclusive Anti-Ageing Decolletage and Facial Massage to firm the skin.

Active Pro-Collagen Face Mask to restore radiance.

Results - Wrinkles and fine lines are diminished, leaving a firmer, more radiant skin.

After 3 treatments a 49.4% average decrease in wrinkle depth is noted, a 42.6% average increase in skin firmness is noted and an 87.7% average increase in elasticity is noted.

One treatment will immediately correct the signs of aging. Have one treatment every 3 weeks for lasting results.

Beaute Neuve brings radiance back and lightens brown spots. Turn over a new leaf in less than an hour with Beaute Neuve - a treatment which removes the dead cells responsible for dull complexions and reduces the appearance of brown spots. A complex of fruit acids, to gently peel away dead skin cells.Vitamin C lightens the complexion of pigmented skin. The results are visible. The complexion is lighter and brown spots have faded.

29.03% less melanin* after four treatment sessions

*Results clinically proven by measuring melanin levels

Guinot Hydradermie is suitable for 16 years +. Not suitable for those who are in their first 12 weeks of pregnancy, those who suffer from certain cancers, those suffering from open cuts on their face, eczema, epilepsy, those fitted with a pacemaker, metal pins, skull plates, or taking a high dose of Vitamin A. Please discuss any health concerns directly with our reception team.

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"I never thought I would use any age defying treatments until much later in life. But as my skin is so sensitive I wanted to avoid anti skin creams in case they set things off. I tried the Guinot treatment and after just 3 sessions, my friends were saying how well I looked.
I had a wedding to go to that needed me looking my best so I kept it up and it was amazing how many people I haven't seen for a while mentioned how young I was looking.
My skin was glowing and really firm with no invasive injections or anything false looking. Just natural muscle tone! Love it!"
Shona, Edinburgh.

Practitioners: Bettina Horvath and Nikkie Clay