Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment 


A 3-day lifestyle assessment can help to identify factors that are affecting your health and wellbeing. It can show how your work, leisure and sleep are impacting your health and performance. Gaining an understanding of what is affecting your health and wellbeing can help you to make better lifestyle choices. A 45-minute coaching session with a clinical nutritionist is also included. This is to help you to integrate these changes into your everyday life and optimise your health on a long-term basis.


For the assessment, simply attach the device and then go about your everyday life, while the technology collects valuable data. All you need to do is fill out a simple lifestyle diary over the 3 days.


The clear, colourful report shows how your body is responding to your lifestyle. It can reveal how you are sleeping, how well you are recovering from exercise, how stressful your work environment is and whether your body is able to recover sufficiently overnight and during times of rest and relaxation. This report is incredibly insightful and gives you a very useful and important snapshot of your body’s response to your current lifestyle. This information provides a basis from which to develop strategies to manage stress, recovery and optimise your health and performance.



What’s included?

A 3 day assessment monitoring HRV, stress, sleep, exercise and recovery


A comprehensive report and plan


A 45 minute feedback session with recommendations (online or face to face at Dee Atkinson Clinic).


For more information please email Nigel Fawthrop at or call 0131 225 5542 to make an appointment.


Practitioner: Nigel Fawthrop