Health Concerns A-Z

Health Concerns A-Z

Please note: This chart is intended as a general guide only, we are all individuals with our own needs and circumstances.  Please call our shop to speak to an adviser or our clinic to arrange an appointment with a herbalist if you would like to discuss anything before purchasing any products from our website on 0131 225 5542.

Cautions: If you are taking any other medication, or have any health issues please check with one of our qualified medical herbalists before using one of our herbal products. Seek advice if pregnant.


Health Concern Choice 1  Choice 2  Choice 3
Acid Stomach

Slippery Elm Capsules

Slippery Elm Powder

Chamomile Tea


D. Atkinson Skin Tea

Acne Gel

Allergies (respiratory) Nettle Blend Nettle Leaf Quercetin & B5 Caps (Viridian)
Allergies (skin) Nettle Leaf Starflower Cream Passionflower & Chamomile Capsules
Alopeacia (Stress-related) Skullcap, Oat and Passional Flower Herbal Remedy    
Anaemia (iron deficiency) Nature's Plus Iron Capsules  Floradix Vitamin C Capsules
Ankylosing Spndylitis Willow Bark & Devil's Claw Tincture Glucosamine and MSM Joint Care Oil Blend
Anxiety Skullcap, Oat and Passionflower Rescue Remedy L-Theanine & Lemon Balm
Athlete's Foot (dry, flaky itchy) Seven Herb Cream Tea Tree Gel Tea Tree Oil
Athlete's Foot (weepy) Marigold Compound Tea Tree Gel Tea Tree Oil
Back Ache Muscle Ease Oil Blend Willow Bark and Devil's Claw Compound (Inflammation) Magnesium Cream
Boils Sarsaprilla and Burdock Compound D. Atkinson Skin Tea Echinacea Tincture
Brochitis Echinacea/Elderflower Compound Chest Balm Cough Syrup
Bruising Arnica Cream

Arinca Oil

Vitamin C with bioflavanoids (if chronic)
Burns Aloe Vera and seaweed Gel

Lavender Gel

Marigold Oil (once healing is over)
Cancer We recommend an appointment with a herblist


Candida We recommend an appointment with a herblist


Catarrh Plantain and Eyebright Compound

Sinus Rub

Ceullulite Detox Blend

Skin Brush

Chicken Pox Chamomille and Peppermint Cream

Marigold Bath Herbs

Chilblains Capsicum and Ginger Skin Cream

Ginger Tincture

Horsechestnut Tincture
Cholesterol Red Rise Yeast Plus Gentian Bitters Allicin Max for cholesterol
Cold Sores Alkanet Ointment Withania Compound L-lysine
Colds Echinacea and Elderflower Compound Echinacea Herbal Compound Vapour Ease Blend Essential Oil
Colitis Perppermint and Fennel Emulsion Slippery Elm Powder  
Conjunctivitis Chamomile Tea bags as Compress Echinacea Tincture Eye Drops
Constipation Pysllium and Slippery Elm  Aperient Tea Consult a herbalist if chronic or if a child
Cough Cough Syrup Echinacea Tincture Chest Balm
Cough - Children's Echinacea and Wild Cherry Syrup (irriated, tickly) Probiotics  
Cradle Cap Calendula Oil Napiers Baby Wash (for infants) Probiotics
Cramps - menstrual Skullcap Tincture Raspberry Leaf Tea  
Cramps - Muscle Muscle Ease Oil Blend Magnesium Tablets Magnesium Oil
Cramps  -Stomach Valerian and Chamomile Compound    
Circulation -Poor Hawthorn Tincture Capsicum and Ginger Cream Vitamin C with Bioflavanoids
Cystitis Buchu Compound Uva Ursi Tea Cranberry Tablets
Dandruff Nettle Shampoo Nettle Conditioner Fish Oil
Low Mood - Mild St John's Wort Tincture St John's Wort Capsules Bergamot Essential Oil
Diarrhoea Slippery Elm Powder Probiotics  
Earache Mullein Ear Oil Plantain and Eyebright Compound Hopi Ear Candles
Eczema - Adult Starflower Cream

 Nettle Leaf

Chamomile Tea

Fever Echincaea Herbal Compound

Echinacea Tincture

Echinacea and Elderflower (if cold symptoms)
Flatulence (Wind) Peppermint and Fennel Emulsion


Gentian Bitters
Fungal Infection - Skin Seven Herb Cream

Funky Foot Oill

Echincaea Herbal Compound
Glandular Fever Echinacea and Elderflower Tincture

Echincaea Herbal Compound

Gout Nettle Leaf

Devil's Claw Capsules

Gum Disease (Gingivities) Marigold Compound

Echinacea Capsules

Co Q10 Capsules
Haemorroids Venotone Cream

Horsechestnut Tincture

Psyllium Husks
Hayfever Nettle Blend

Nettle Leaf

Sinus Rub

Eyebirght Cream

Headaches - Tension Clear Head Roller Ball

Sinus Rub

Chamomile Tea & Peppermint Tea (mixed together)

Heartburn See Acid Stomach



Hot Flushes

Sage Tincture

Cool & Collected Tea

Black Cohosh & Sage Tincture

Passiflora Capsules (for nighttime)

Hypotension (low blood presssure)

Panax (Korean) Ginseng

Liquorice Tea 

We recommend an appointment with a herbalist

We recommend an appointment with a herbalist

Valerian and chamomile Compound (Stress)


Folic Acid


Marigold Compound

Echinacea Tincture

Tea Tree Gel


Skullcap, Oat and Passionflower

Male Tonic

Zinc Tablets

Inflammation - Joints/Muscle

Willow Bark & Devil's Claw Tincture

Muscle Ease Oil Blend

Joint Oil Blend

Rambler's Tea

Inflammation - Skin

Aloe Vera and seaweed Gel

Summertime Tea Blend

Hemp Oil


Sweet Sleeps

Passiflora & Chamomile Tablets

Sleep Tea


Psyllium and Slippery Elm Powder




Marigold Compound

Echinacea Tincture

Propolis Lozenges


We recommend a consultation with a herbalist



Memory Problems

Ginkgo Tincture


Cognitive Support (Viridian)


Feverfew Tincture

Vitex (if hormonal)

Clear Head Roller Ball

Molluscum Contagiosum

See 'water' warts



Morning Sickness

Chamomile Tea

Ginger Tincture

We recommend an appointment with a herbalist

Mouth Ulcers

Marigold Compound


Aloe Vera Toothpaste

Nappy Rash

Marigold Barrier Cream(prevention)

Calendula Cream

Gentle Baby Soap


See Morning Sickness

Peppermint Tea


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

We recommend an appointment with a herbalist



PMT Vitex Agnus Castus Tincture

Magnesium and B6

Evening Primrose Oil

Post Viral Syndrome (PVS) We recommend an appointment with a herbalist



Pregnancy Raspberry Leaf Tea

Beautiful Belly Massage Blend

See Morning Sickness

Prickly Heat Dandelion Herb Tincture

Chamomile and Peppermint Cream

Prickly Heat Mix

Psoriasis Pokeroot Ointment

Sarsaparilla and Burdock Compound

Hemp Oil

Flax Oil

Shingles Shingles Blend Oil

Withania Compound


Stress Skullcap, Oat and Passionflower

Rexaling Oil Blend

Valerian and Chamomile Tincture

Sun Burn See burns



Thrush Seven Herb Cream


Echincaea Herbal Compound

Tonsillistis Echinacea Tincture

Marigold Compound

Propolis Lozenges

Travel Sicknesss Peppermint Tea



Toothache Clove Oil 



Varicose Veins Venatone Skin Cream

Horse chestnut tincture

Hawthorn Herbal Compound

Water Retention Water Tablets (Powerhealth)

Dandelion Tincutre



'Water' Warts

Age Defiance Cream

Echinacea Tincture

Echinacea Capsules

Thuja 30 C