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The Prostate Gland and Prostatitis

The prostate should not be ignored. Here, herbalist, Joseph Nolan, talks us through a recent Prostatitis case study from his Men's Health clinic.

DIY Remedies for Summer Ailments

Medical Herbalist, Joseph Nolan, gives some great tips for summer foraging to create your own natural remedies this season.

Herbs for American Independence Day

Today is American Independence Day in the States so herbalist, Joseph Nolan (who himself hails from across the Pond) takes a look at some herbs native to North America...

Summer Blend Tea and Citronella Oil

Summer has arrived, although the weather would have us believe otherwise, so we’re featuring our Summer Blend Tea and our Citronella essential oil as our Tea and Oil of the Month for July.


New research from the University of Nottingham has linked several commonly used medicines, including treatments for conditions such as depression, insomnia and hayfever, to dementia. Dee explores some herbal alternatives.

A Herbalist's Favourite Herbs

A herbalist must have a favourite herb, right? But, with so many to choose from, picking a favourite is not that easy. In this guest blog, Medical Herbalist, Joseph Nolan, puts himself on the line to answer this question - and manages to whittle it down to four!

Herbs for the Summer Holidays

It's the final few days of school for Scottish kids up and down the country so, with minds turning to packing for the long awaited summer holidays, we're taking a look at how to stay healthy, whatever adventures you're going on.

Lyme Disease and Herbal Medicine

Our Senior Medical Herbalist, Dee Atkinson, takes a comprehensive look at Lyme Disease and discusses how herbal medicine can support you in the journey back to health.

Prostate Problems

Medical Herbalist, Joseph Nolan, tells you everything you ever wanted to know about the Prostate and how to care for it with herbs. Read on...

Slippery Elm, Prebiotics and Sleep

Prebiotics can be particularly beneficial in the fight against insomnia. There are plenty of brands on the market but did you know that Slippery Elm is a prebiotic and can pack a healthy punch when it comes to helping you get the sleep you need? Read on to hear what Dee has to say on the subject.