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Herbs at Home - Home Facial Massage

Aeasthetician, Nikkie Clay, has a wonderful facial massage to nourish your skin, aid decongestion, tone the muscles and, above all, assist in relaxation and de-stressing.

Herbs at Home - Facial Toner

Here's a great homemade facial toner from Nikkie to keep your skin hydrated...

Herbs at Home - Homemade Coffee Exfoliator

Nikkie shows you how to make a fantastic coffee facial exfoliator, once youve had your morning brew...

Herbs at Home - Home Skincare Routine

During this time of lockdown or self-isolation, aesthetician Nikke Clay, reminds us that it's important to maintain a good skin care routine...

Herbs at Home - Nettle Soup

The final recipe in our Nettle series is for a delicious, health packed nettle soup...

Herbs at Home - Nettle Beer

What could be nicer on a warm Spring day than a refreshing glass of homemade nettle beer...

Herbs at Home - Nettle Tea

Nettle tea is a wonderful Spring tonic. Here's how to brew some up...

Supporting our Core Health and Body’s Immunity at Difficult Times

Dee talks about some of the herbs she uses to support immune health as well as herbs to support someone who has viral symptoms.

Herbs at Home Ginger Tea

Covid-19 is a respiratory virus so keeping mucus membranes moist is really important. One simple way is to drink lots and lots of warm liquid. Herbal teas are a delicious and beneficial way to ensure you drink enough so today’s recipe is for a Ginger Tea.

Herbs at Home - Thyme Cough Syrup

For those of you dealing with a cough at the moment we’ve got a fantastic, simple recipe for you today. This is for a Thyme Cough Syrup which, as well as being very fast working and inexpensive, also tastes rather nice!