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Love Your Liver

It's Love your Liver Month and, as the primary organ responsible for breaking down and getting rid of all the toxins that end up in our bodies, it's worth taking a good look at what it does for our health and how we can help it.

All You Need To Know About Blood Pressure

It's Know Your Numbers Week with Blood Pressure UK and in this guest blog, herbalist Joseph Nolan, takes a look at high blood pressure and how herbs can help keep it under control.

The Alexander Technique: What and Why?

Many people have heard of the Alexander Technique, but very often there is confusion about what it really is and what it does. In this guest blog, Alexander technique teacher, Rob St Clair, answers all your questions...

AROMATICS - Essential Oils

We're celebrating Essential Oils this Autumn in all their fragrant and health giving glory!

Autumn's Bounty

As the season turns from Summer to Autumn, herbalist, Joseph Nolan, celebrates the fruits (and seeds and roots and fungi) of nature all around us, ripe for the harvesting.

Respect Your Elder

August is here, and we're halfway between the elderflower and elderberry seasons. Just as you know summer has finally arrived when fluffy white drifts appear on elder trees, so you also know it is well and truly over when drooping sprays of purple-black appear in their places. The elder tree is one of the finest sources of medicine on the British Isles, with every part having myriad applications. Herbalist, Joseph Nolan, looks forward to what the Elder family is due to bring us as the season progresses...

In Praise of Absinthe

As Edinburgh revs up for the Festival, herbalist Joseph Nolan enters into the spirit of things - quite literally...

Herbal Help For Nursery Coughs

If your little one has brought home something less than pleasant from nursery, which then refuses to go away, then herbalist Joseph Nolan has a host of herbs to help...

The Prostate Gland and Prostatitis

The prostate should not be ignored. Here, herbalist, Joseph Nolan, talks us through a recent Prostatitis case study from his Men's Health clinic.

DIY Remedies for Summer Ailments

Medical Herbalist, Joseph Nolan, gives some great tips for summer foraging to create your own natural remedies this season.