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When To Go Organic

If you've ever wondered if you really need to buy organic then read on...

Healthy Eating for Busy Parents

Modern parenting is no holiday and often involves an impressive juggling act to keep everything on track. When things are hectic, one of the first things to get sidelined is good nutrition - parents and carers are so busy making sure the kids are well fed that they sometimes ignore their own nutritional needs. In this guest blog, Napiers Clinic Nutritional Therapist Charlotte Heald gives some practical tips to making sure that busy parents and carers gets what they need, too.

Irish Moss for St Patricks Day

To celebrate St Patrick's Day, herbalist Joseph Nolan, takes a closer look at Irish Moss, otherwise known as Carageen...

Oil and Tea of the Month - March

Despite the recent Baltic weather, Spring is about to make an appearance! Any day now! As wonderful as it is to anticipate the end of Winter, for allergy and hayfever sufferers, March signals the start of a new season which brings with it some very uncomfortable symptoms indeed. Our March Oil and Tea of the Month have been chosen to help you manage allergy symptoms, starting early and supporting you through the months ahead.

Gifts For Mothering Sunday

We've got gifts galore to treat the mother in your life this Mothering Sunday!

Chase Winter Bugs Off With Adaptogens

The first welcome signs of spring are beginning to appear but for those of you still in the throes of a virulent Winter bug, it may not come as much consolation. Getting rid of these hard to shift viruses is no easy task, which is why you need a family of herbs called Adaptogens on your team. Herbalist Joseph Nolan is your guide...

Natural Help for Raynauds

It's Raynaud's Awareness Month. If you suffer from this condition then there are several natural remedies, lifestyle and nutrition tips that can be of help.

Oil and Tea of the Month: Ylang Ylang oil and Adaptogen Tea

Our Tea and Oil of the Month for January and February are Adaptogen Tea and YlangYlang essential Oil. A great combo to keep you fighting fit.

Stress and its Relationship to Disease

Read on for all you need to know about beating stress with adaptogens.

How to Eat, Drink and Stay Merry This Christmas

Now's a good time to remind ourselves how to get the best out of Christmas and Hogmanay without suffering too many ill effects.