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A Herbalist's Favourite Herbs

A herbalist must have a favourite herb, right? But, with so many to choose from, picking a favourite is not that easy. In this guest blog, Medical Herbalist, Joseph Nolan, puts himself on the line to answer this question - and manages to whittle it down to four!

Good Mental Health for Men

This Men's Health Week, medical herbalist, Joseph Nolan, looks at men's emotional health and how oats can help.

Let's Hear It For The Boys

It's Men's Health Week so, in this guest blog, herbalist, Joseph Nolan, talks all about herbs for men's health plus there's a great offer for Father's Day on the 21st of June!

Essential Oils

With Aromatherapy Awareness Week beginning on the 8th of June, we're celebrating Essential Oils in all their fragrant and health giving glory! And there's 20% off our own range this month, too!

Herbs at Home - Golden Milk

The combination of raw honey and Turmeric has long been recognized in Aryuvedic and Tibetan medicine as a powerful natural remedy and has become known as ”Golden Milk”. Here's the recipe...

Herbs at Home - Mrs Grieve's Dandelion Recipes

Here's Mrs Grieve again, this time with some dandelion remedies...

Herbs at Home - Thyme Honey

A really lovely way to soothe minor respiratory tract issues and give some healing help to small wounds is by using honey...

Herbs at Home - Mrs Grieve's Cucumber Lotion

For our Herbs at Home recipe today we thought you might like to hear from the evergreen Maude Grieve with her recipe for Cucumber lotion...

Apple Cucumber and Celery Super Greens smoothie

Here's a lovely fresh smoothie for Spring and Summer. Combining Celery, cucumber and apple together creates a delicious drink that's nicely sweet but which contains lots of great stuff.

Dealing with Lymphoedema in your home office

When you have lymphoedema, keeping up with your self-management routine is essential to keep it at bay. In this guest blog, manual lymphatic drainage therapist, Pascale King, gives some excellent tips on self care...