Acupuncture is based on the 3,000 year old tradition of Chinese Medicine and uses the insertion of needles into the skin and underlying tissues in key ‘points’ for therapeutic or preventative purposes. The theory behind the therapy is that certain “trigger points” – probably nerve fibres or receptors – are stimulated with needles which are thought to induce rhythmic discharges that cause a release of endogenous opioids and oxytocin.

Research has been carried out on conditions such as anxiety, stress and back pain, all of which can relate to fertility. Treatment methods have been established for working with assisted fertility and IVF. Click here to see the latest research in acupuncture and fertility.

If you have not had acupuncture before then it is natural to feel slightly apprehensive but many people say that they find the sensation quite pleasant. Some say that they experience a dullness or tingling around the site of the needle but soon this settles down and a state of deep relaxation can be achieved.

Practitioners:Hannah Swift